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Here's What You'll Receive


1. Five-Month Online Acupressure Training

We will be systematically covering over 60 potent points on the body.

Here's what you'll be learning:



In Month one you will discover six facial acupressure points, how to clear negative thoughts, mental stress, sinuses, four chest points for difficulty breathing, chronic fatigue, digestive aid points for relieving ulcer pain, indigestion, detox, hiccoughs, points and acupressure massage techniques for relieving chronic shoulder and neck tension and pain. 

You'll receive the following video modules in Month 1:

> An introduction to acupressure

> Chakra Centers & Functions for Energy Balancing

> Acupressure Trigger Point Therapy

> Uses of the Hoku

> Acupressure Facial Points

> Chest Acupressure Points

> How to use Chest Points on the Table

> Digestive Aid Points

> Acupressure Massage for Releasing Shoulder and Neck Tension Sitting in a Chair

> Final Balancing Steps 

> Basic Shoulder and Neck Release Session


"I am a massage therapist, a yoga and meditation instructor, and also a muscle conditioning trainer for 70-90 year olds. I have incorporated all that I have learned from you in my classes by showing them different accupressure points. They love the fact that by pressing and holding a point themselves, can help them to destress and be happy! MAHALO!"

- Sue Thomas, Hull, MA



In Month 2 you will learn 20 points for knee, ankle, foot, and leg problems plus more points for releasing the shoulder and neck.  We will cover how to relieve digestion, ulcer pain, knee pain, varicose veins, edema, PMS, and menstrual cramps.

You'll receive the following video modules in month 2:

  Knee, Leg and Ankle Points

 > Six Major Foot Points

 > Leg and Hip Acupressure Points

 > Pelvic Points & Asian Bodywork Techniques

 > Back Release Acupressure Points 

 > Back Release and Shiatsu Techniques 

 > Shoulder Neck Release Points

 > Shoulder Neck Release Session 

 > Self Care Routines


 In Month 3 we will focus on how to use energy work principles and open the Extraordinary Channels. You'll discover Acupressure points and techniques for relieving back pain and sciatica. We will review 24 of the most important potent points for balancing energy for hyper and hypo disorders, and boosting the immune system.

You'll receive the following video modules in month 3:

> Principles of Energy Release, Balance and Flow

 > How to Begin an Acupressure Session and Hold Points

 > Intro to Jin Shin Acupressure and Regulating Release 

 > Demo Alternative Bilateral Regulating Release 

 > Tracing the Bridge Channel 

 > Bridge Channel Release Demo 

 > Master Points for balancing the 8 Extraordinary Channels 

 > The Four Energy Gates 

 > The Gate of Life and the Inner and Outer Gates 

 > Tonic Points Calming Points


"I have found that it has deepened my ability to help my clients. It was amazing how many times I would review a video lesson and the very next day a client would walk in with issues similar to the ones we had just covered!"

Cynthia L. Armbrister, Fredericksburg, VA 



In Month 4 you will learn about the great Central Channel, how to work on the Belt Channel, plus a calming Acupressure treatment and a point formula for increasing vitality and overall endurance.

You'll receive the following video modules in month 4:

> Introduction to the Central Channe

 > Governing Vessel (GV) Points & the Spinal Harmonizing Flow 

 > Conception Vessel (CV) Points plus two GV Points

 > How to work on the Central Channel (GV & CV)

 > Trace the Penetrating & Belt Channels

 > Key Points to Open the Penetrating & Belt Channels

 > Penetrating & Belt Channel Demo on the Table

> Releasing Tension to Increase Vitality - Sitting (Part 1) 

> Increasing Vitality Flow - Demo on the Table (Part 2)



In Month 5 you will learn how to use Acupressure point recipes for immune strengthening, a woman’s balancing flow, an Acupressure lower back release, and an advanced, expanded shoulder and neck point release, that’s effective for relieving  trauma and stress.

You'll receive the following video modules in month 5:

> Immune Boosting Points (Part 1)

 > Immune Boosting Points (Part 2)

 > 5 Immune Boosting Routine on a Massage Table

 > Women’s Balance Flow - Demonstrated on a table: Part 1

 > Women’s Balance Flow - Demonstrated on a table: Part 2

 > Back Release Points and lower back pain relief point

 > Back Shiatsu for Chronic Tension & Pain

 > Complete Shoulder and Neck Release Final Balancing Steps

"Thank you so much for offering this course online. I has helped myself in many ways using the self-treatment points. It has helped me stay grounded and focused and clear away many blocks. I have also experienced some small shifts and releases in my own body. I have witnessed great change and relaxation in numerous clients I see on a regular basis and am so excited at the relief they are feeling from weekly treatments I am able to provide them now with the techniques and skills I have learnt thru you Micheal." 

- Krista Lee Jorgensen, Canada


2. Monthly Video Reviews Sessions

[5 hours of extra video] 

Each month you will get Video review sessions for the month that also include video question and answer sessions with some of the most common asked questions. These EXTRA sessions are an excellend way to review all of the months material PLUS there will be new information



3. LIVE Monthly Audio Webinars with Michael

Each month we will have LIVE audio webinars with teachings
and a useful review of the material and Q&A.

During the webinar you'll be able to submit your questions 
or you can email them to us in advance. These audio webinars
will be recorded and you can access them anytime just in
case you can not be on the call.


4. Private Membership Community

As a member of the Acupressure Mastery Program
you will be part of a private Facebook group where you
can ask questions and be part of a online learning community.

5. Your Personal Video Library

Each month you can view the videos on-line or
download them to keep as your own personal video
reference library to use for years to come.

Nearly 8 Hours total of detailed Acupressure instruction
on video that you can watch again and again. Plus you 
get 5 Hours of Review and Q&A. Plus all of the Audio
from our live sessions. This totals almost 20 hours of
training...yours to download and watch forever. 


"This course was awesome blessing to all have enjoyed showing others some of the self help techniques as well as doing on myself. Thank you again for sharing your information. Bless you!"

- Janelle Sutton, Baton Rouge, LA


PLUS You Get 4 Limited BONUSES 




We realize that many prefer to have written materials, so we have gone ahead and transcribed all of the main acupressure videos. You can print these out and use them for review and note taking. 
videos for study and to take detailed notes.



Basic Acupressure eTextbook
Extraordinary Channels and Points

You will get my 67-page comprehensive eBook on
the Extraordinary Channels and Points,
with over
35 chart illustrations of the points, formulas, and healing flow patterns. 

Please refer to this Basic Acupressure text throughout
the course to ground the info presented in the online videos.


Wellness & Immune Boosting Acupressure Points eBook 

You will also receive a concise book that details how to find and
use the top eight Acupressure
points for practicing Acupressure
on yourself, family, friends and others.



Acupressure for Releasing Back Pain Audio


A Guided Self-Healing Program Integrating Acupressure & Gentle Yoga


Release Back Pain contains easy stretching, acupressure points, and spinal exercises to strengthen the abdomen and gently stretch back muscles for improving their tone and lessen susceptibilty to pain.

Routines for Counteracting Back Pain:

1. Chair Routine for Back Relief

2. Floor Back Care Routine

3. Acupressure Back Relief Points

4. Gentle Routine for Severe Back Pain

Acupressure Mastery Program is

Approved for CE Training Certificate Option


Participants in the Acupressure Mastery Program have the option
to apply for 28 Continuing Education Hours (CE's)
through an NCBTMB Approved Provider.

Certificates will be sent to those who apply and perform
ten client assessments, pass a test and pay a $75 administration fee.

All participants may also request a FREE Certificate of Completion
of the program.

My Personal 100% Guarantee

I’m so confident that the Acupressure Mastery Program 
teachings and online community will be such a valuable
learning resource I’m offering an unconditional 30-day guarantee
so you can join with absolutely no risk. 


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I invite you to join me for these powerful acupressure teaching. 

You'll learn how to use these techniques and 60 points
on yourself for self-care and to use acupressure on others.

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What Others Are Saying

"I absolutely loved the course and the way Michael presented it. It has widened my knowledge of the meridians and Potent and Source Points and also the extraordinary channels. I love the Extraordinary Channel Protocols. Count me in for any online course that Michael may offer. I would hate to think I would miss the opportunity if I didn't get the link."

- Barbara St. Jean Francis, Rochester, MA


"I totally love Acupressure, you made it so easy to follow! I have used it on my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren with amazing results. I have recommended your course to family and friends...I think everyone should know how to do acupressure! Thank you so much for a great learning experience."

Lynda Deacon, Australia


"This course has been most rewarding and will serve me well as a stand-alone modality on my list of offerings PLUS it gives me much greater understanding for the application of other bodywork modalities I offer. My appreciation, gratitude and a deep bow for all you have put into this wonderful class."

- Bernita Wilson, Ft. Mitchell, KY


"Wow! what a good experience. I really studied what you taught me and I try it on clients and they told me that they were more relaxed, confident. I have also tried it on myself right before my knee operation and it was amazing how it healed fast with almost no pain. I can feel the results and it was great. It really compliments with my bio field therapy and the clients enjoy both at the same time. I mixed both technics together and what a amazing results it even makes the energy flow more easy."

- Nancy Bourgeois, Canada


"This course has been amazing and Michael so are you. As a yoga teacher I have been able to incorporate so much of what I have learnt into my classes with amazing results. Don't be surprised if some of my students enroll in the next course, they too are inspired to learn now. Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn from you and to then pass my knowledge on to other people so they too can learn the self healing benefits of acupressure."

- Amanda Osmond, Australia


"The course delivery was fantastic, I especially appreciated that the videos were short but the content was in so much detail and depth, and your passion for teaching it! The manual was very informative but the videos tie it all together! this course has enriched my work I already do (massage) I have already included some acupressure points I have learned previously but having learned now more of the concept and more points to use I really appreciate it and just love to use the acupressure on its own now, I also practice Reiki and have found it very healing like Reiki (and even more so) but also more physical than Reiki which is how I prefer to do a treatment! Thanks you so much for this opportunity and I hope you will offer more courses like this!"

- Ulrike Armstrong, Australia


"Very informative - I am interested in teaching self care acupressure and this gave me a good foundation in clear and accessible words and demonstrations."

- Jeanne M. Nelson, El Cerrito, CA


"It was a wonderful experience. The course was so simplified and easy to follow. As you showed it on a client you used language that was easy to follow...I was waiting to listen to the webinair every month. All the points I tried on others got good results, some results were so nice that patients said "oh it is Miracle" this gave me satisfaction that what I learnt from you was worth a lot. Thank you Michael."

- Neeta Sheth, India


"This course allowed me to understand the deep root of TCM fundamentals and their relationships. I can apply the same with my clients confidently with a quick and better recovery response! It's absolutely amazing!"

- Sheikh Amirul Islam, United Arab Emirates


"I am a massage therapist, a yoga and meditation instructor, and also a muscle conditioning trainer for 70-90 year olds. I have incorporated all that I have learned from you in my classes by showing them different accupressure points. They love the fact that by pressing and holding a point themselves, can help them to destress and be happy! MAHALO!"

- Sue Thomas, Hull, MA


"This course has been valuable in helping me integrate much of what I learned in energy training over the past few years. I am thankful Michael that you taught the class and I was able to attend. Thanks so much for all your wonderful dedication to this training."

- Heather Carlini, Canada



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